• Ethereum chain: 0xCa2D88Fc1e60239F40257DC651CB2cBad927Adb7.

  • Fees: 5% on Buy & Sell

    • 2% Marketing

    • 3% Development & Infrastructure

  • Liquidity lock: 1 year and extendable (here).

  • CA Renounced (here).

  • CA Audited (here).


Our strategic buybacks approach to enhance DW3B token stability & boost its price.

1- 🎯 Combined Buybacks Options

2- 💰 Allocated amount for buybacks

3- ⏰ Frequency of buybacks

1- 🎯 Combined Buyback Options

We'll buyback DW3B for:

  • Liquidity: Strengthening liquidity support for enhanced stability and smoother trading.

  • Burn: Acquiring DW3B tokens for burning, reducing supply & potentially increasing price.

2- 💰 Allocated amount for buybacks

The amount allocated to buybacks will be 1% of the generated volume. For example, if the daily volume is $100k, $1k will be allocated to buybacks.

Another perspective: The 1% volume contributes to 20% of DeepW3B's total fees. For example, if DeepW3B gathers $10k in fees, $2k will be allocated to buybacks.

3- ⏰ Frequency of buybacks

The frequency of buybacks will depend on the volume achieved, ideally daily, but at least once a week.

With this initiative, we are confident that DW3B will grow stronger, more valuable, and powerful.

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