🎗️Shillme for Holders

Save time, don't miss information, and discover new opportunities.

  • Custom Summaries: Ask ShillMe for personalized summaries of your chats where ShillMe is installed. Stay up-to-date without having to review every message.

  • Real-Time Information: Easily access real-time data about your token, such as market cap, price, volume, and more, directly from your private chat with ShillMe.

  • Discover New Communities: Explore interesting new communities in the dedicated section of ShillMe. Expand your network and discover exciting projects.

  • Save and Organize: Save your favorite communities for quick access and keep a close eye on important projects.

  • Urgent Notifications: Receive urgent notifications from administrators of the communities you're subscribed to. Don't miss important events like airdrops or other crucial updates.


  1. Discover communities and save your favorites.

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