🆓Shillme for Communities

Empower your token, communicate effectively, and grow your community.

  • Organization and Professionalization: Organize and structure your token's information for clearer and more efficient communication, such as real-time information, security, socials, or print the chart of your token directly in the chat for quick and easy visualization.

  • Strategic Advertising: Place advertisements for your token in designated sections both in groups and in private chats with ShillMe. Increase the visibility of your project effectively.

  • Reach New Users: Appear on ShillMe's list of tokens, allowing new users to discover your project and join your community.

  • Direct Communication with Holders: Communicate urgent notifications to your holders through the private chat of each holder with ShillMe. Keep your community informed instantly.

Add Shillme - Instructions

  1. Add Shillme Bot as admin to your community @shill_me_bot.

  2. Command /shillme_settings.

  3. Complete the sections. When you provide the token address, the Real Time, Security, and Telegram App sections will be filled in.

  4. View the information with the command /shillme.

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